Ter makes coffee


This is my friend Ter, short for Terence. Since getting to know him (probably about a decade ago), we’ve shared countless conversations on things we are both passionate about. Coffee and film photography happen to be the topics we touch on the most.

Ter actually taught me how to make my first V60 pour over coffee, and even though my method has evolved over the years, it was nice to revisit his at his home. Fun fact, I actually got my first barista job because the owner of the cafe had heard of Ter’s name, which was included in my resume as a referee.

Back in the day, we developed a pour over stand with our friend Sam who used to run a laser cutting business. You can see it at the start of the video but we had to do away with it halfway through because it wouldn’t fit on the scale.

We talked about how Nolan Hirte, the founder of Proud Mary, taught Ter how to brew a V60. We also talked about Ter’s observations of how the guys at Gridlock Coffee made our filter coffees when we visited recently. I used to live up the street from where Gridlock Coffee once operated in the city, but they’ve since moved to Heidelberg, and it was just a nice trip down memory lane for us to go visit them again.

During our days as baristas, we even helped start a cafe together, but both left the coffee scene to pursue other jobs. He now works as a production manager, and is an amazing sound engineer. I guess when you think about it, a lot of things are like coffee (including photography). You learn all the settings and recipes to produce quality results, and talent can get you a long way, but experience always helps bring balance and beauty into your final product.

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